Why I Decided To Pick Up A Camera

Sounds of wind whipping outside and getting caught in the fireplace causing howling sounds echoed throughout my bedroom this morning. I must have been in a light sleep and on the verge of wakening because I woke up feeling rested with not even a yawn. I could have sworn I was smelling coffee brewing but it was just a figment of my imagine because I was by myself at the bay house this weekend and I hadn’t even to the kitchen yet. I guess I was so eager to have my first cup of coffee that my imagining it took hold. Coffee and everything else seems to taste better when I’m out on the Chesapeake Bay. I know that sounds crazy but it must be my state of mind when I’m able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and daily life there. Anyway, I made myself a cup of hot, strong, black coffee with a tad bit of sweetner- just how I like it.

My plan was to start writing first thing this morning and not just starting but staying put until I actually have finished writing a post. But the weather outside, even with the rain, was pulling me outdoors. So after just writing a few sentences, I headed outside in the wind, the rain, and cold. I wanted to awaken my senses, my soul a bit and actually feel alive with the wind and rain on me. I’ve mentioned before how much I love weather. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t run out the door every time it rains to get soaked, just every now and then, I want to be in the midst of it. This early Saturday morning is one of those times. One of the reasons I came out to our little place on the Chesapeake Bay is because we haven’t been out here to winterize the place since the weather changed. I know it’s already January and two small snows are already behind us but the last few months have been hectic. There’s not that much to do but the outside furniture, kayaks, and canoe all need put in our shed until spring. Since I wasn’t sure about the weather for the rest of the day, I felt now was as good of a time as any to load up the shed with our things. This way I was able to accomplish a task too.

A few of the things needing to be put away until Spring.

I’m hoping to get most of my chores done and write this post so I can venture into town and enjoy some photography. Taking pictures has been a hobby of mine for only a few short years. I’ll never forget the moment I realized I HAD to learn to take good photos, images that would really mean something for years to come. It was in early 2012. It was never anything I had thought of before. I didn’t grow up as that young kid with a natural and creative talent in the making. I never felt a creative juice inside of me until my deepest emotions and vulnerabilities were stirred and tested in late 2011. Though I didn’t take many spontaneous pictures of my family and friends, I did make sure we had yearly photos done as a family. I wasn’t totally absent in this area, I just never captured the day to day moments, the real essence of my kids in action in addition to the posed ones. But I wasn’t going to let more days or months go by without learning and making the time to do this.

I picked up my  point and shoot camera and started taking pictures especially of my oldest son, who had just been diagnosed with serious illness. This was a devastating and life changing event for him and all of us, this was the moment I knew I “had” to capture as many moments of him as possible. I remember when the thought  “I don’t have pictures of him,” at least not many capturing those expressions that I loved so much! You know the ones, where your child has that distinctive cute expression on their face? Those special nuances that make your child them. These were the expressions and moments that I wanted so dearly to never forget and have them as my children became older and maybe would grow out of some of the expressions. The thought at this moment of not having these images took my breath away, I actually thought my heart was going to stop beating. I felt panicked, fearful and full of regret that I didn’t have more images of both my boys. Tears would not stop running and thoughts of this wouldn’t even take a pause in my mind. What have I done or better stated not done? I immediately knew, I wasn’t going to miss out on capturing as many of these future moments as I could. Of course, because life and kids are so unpredictable, I never thought that they wouldn’t actually want their pictures taken at any given moment, at least not by me!  It was at times truly annoying but I wasn’t going to give into this totally. We were going to have to find some compromise.

So, this is why I picked up a camera and starting shooting photography. Initially, I was so disappointed in my pictures. Who thought snapping a good picture would not be easy or wouldn’t turn out like I had imagined the photo to end up looking? After trying on my own for over a year, I decided to google “learning photography in DC” and there it was, a workshop coming my way by Bryan Peterson. I had no idea who this was but the timing was right and it would be an entire 2 days. I figured I’d probably learn everything I needed to in these two days to take awesome pictures. I realize now, that I was crazy to think that was possible. But of course, at that time, I didn’t know why anyone would ever use any of the camera knobs other that keeping it on “automatic” mode. I didn’t know why there were different gadgets on the camera and really didn’t care to know until I showed up for this class. This workshop opened my eyes to the real skill and talent it takes to learn to capture incredible images. The reality that I wasn’t going to walk away in two days and take incredible photos was a bit disappointing to say the least, but at this point I’m vested in learning. I upgraded my old point and shoot camera to a Canon DSLR and started taking pictures whenever I had the opportunity.

FYI-Anyone starting the journey of learning photography should really look up Bryan Peterson and consider either an online class by him or taking a weekend workshop.

I can’t wait to share with you the rest of my journey to learning photography in upcoming posts. I can’t forget to mention, the friendships I’ve developed because of photography. This is probably my most exciting, time-consuming, expensive but also rewarding hobby I have. What hobbies brighten up your day and challenge you?  One of the perks to being a midster and empty-nester is the ability to make time for hobbies in addition to having the wisdom to know how important hobbies are for our overall wellbeing. They can also lead to unforgettable adventures, which has been my experience since picking up a camera. It gives me a perfect excuse to go explore and experience life and watch it unfold around me. How are your hobbies contributing to living your best life now?

On one of my many photography adventures so far. This was on a trip with photographer friends at Smith Island, MD.

A Chance Encounter And A Little Photography Adventure

A picture of Laurie before meeting her and hearing about her DC family mission.

A little snow had fallen in the DC Metro area, it was the first snow of the season. The National Mall and Memorials were quiet with only a few people out and about. I took this photo when initially arriving at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a place I enjoy visiting especially on those mornings when there are no crowds. I was curious as to why this lady was out so early and seemed intent to find something or someone on the Memorial Wall.  I sparked up a conversation with her inquiring about her visit to the Memorial and what she was looking for so intently?

And so the story begins….  Lauri  was visiting DC from Oklahoma and was on a mission for her father. Her uncle had apparently died in the Vietnam War and she was the first family member to visit the wall and was in hopes of getting a rubbing of his name on paper for her dad. The task ended up much harder than expected since his name was listed higher than she could reach. I could see the disappointment on her face when she located her uncle’s name- way up high and even a ladder wouldn’t help her at this point. I asked if I could help in anyway and suggested she go to the top of the hill and see if she can lean over and reach his name and I could help her from below locate it. She gave me the column number and line he was etched on. Having come so far and braved the bitter cold, she was not giving up. Lauri quickly ran to the top of the hill but then abruptly stopped in her tracks. Once on the hill, she immediately noticed the sign stating “stay off the grass.” What would she do now? Well… she made a dash for it! I quickly counted the columns for her and then counted up each line to find her Uncle’s name.  “It’s right here,” I kept yelling as she kept re-positioning her pencil and paper until she was over his name. Within a minute or two she was done and off the grass before anyone of authority noticed. I have to say, I admired her determination and passion to get this meaningful rubbing for her father. She couldn’t quit smiling and it was obvious how pleased she was of herself- mission accomplished!

Completing the rubbing of her uncle’s name (a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country) on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Later I was thinking about all the families whose relatives and loved ones are etched on these granite panels making up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. There has to be an easier way to receive a rubbing of their loved ones name. They had made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their families should be able to receive this in honor of them. So I started researching the topic of  the Vietnam Veterans Memorial name rubbings.  Right there  in a google search was the link to a form to request the rubbing and have it sent to a family member. If you have a family member or know of a friend who has a loved one etched in this Memorial, think about requesting a rubbing. What a beautiful gift it would be. The form can can be found here:


A reflection of the Washington Monument in the distance on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.



Getting Started On My 2018 Reading List

So here it is, my January and February reading. I admit, I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to reading for enjoyment but that’s about to change!  I headed online to a favorite of mine here in DC, Politics and Prose. I spent quite a bit of time contemplating about what books I wanted to curl up to and get lost in. What books would leave me on the edge of my seat, fill my soul with inspiration, or help me get closer to perfecting a skill or interest I have. So here they are! I picked “The Second Girl.” for two reasons, one- because I love a good crime mystery and two- because it takes place in Washington, DC. There’s nothing like turning the pages in a book and knowing the exact street or location unfolding in the story. I think we all should explore books that unfold right in our own backyard and city. This will be the first book I get started on other than  “Having a Mary heart in a Martha World ” which I’m currently reading two chapters a week now for my Thursday Girls faith group. Talk about stepping back for a moment and having some insight, this study is helping me do just that. What’s on your reading list this year? Any good reads that  you recommend I add to my list for the year?

2018 and Getting The Most Out Of It

So here I am one week into the new year. I’ve had the week to think more about my plans for 2018. It wasn’t too hard to set the time aside – the temperature has hovered around 10-15 degrees all weekend. It’s been a perfect weekend to snuggle next to my Westie and work on my writing. With a couple of weeks left of college break my home is still busy and full since it has been gathering place for my sons and their friends. It has been far from boring and has been reminiscent of those earlier high school years with kids in and out, laughing, eating me out of house and home, late nights and sleeping in mornings. I don’t mean to digress, I guess my point is, even with the house full of activity since the cold is keeping all of us in a bit, I was still able to spend time plotting out the beginning of my new year. I’m so excited about 2018!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted 2018 to be about inspiration, love, and hard work. Seeing these three words together on paper may not initially make a lot of sense. But these concepts keep ringing in my head, so I’m going with my gut and making these words my mantra for 2018. How am I going to do this? Well for now, I’m going to take this day-by-day focused on Inspiration, Love, and Hard Work.

My thoughts about Inspiration– I want to continue to be inspired by other Midsters and how they are making the most of living in the middle of their life and story. To be creatively inspired by continuing my love of photography and recent uptake of writing. I’ve been so inspired through photography this past year. Meeting people I would never have had the opportunity to meet if it wasn’t for photography. Hearing their stories, seeing how they live, what they enjoy, and what inspires them. I found the pictures and images I took, just a small window into their lives that they decided to share with me. I find this a real gift.

One of my adventurous photography clubs. Braving the cold temperatures for at least a short  while this morning.


Such a privilege getting to know the hardworking watermen on the Chesapeake Bay.


My mom and I visiting Tennessee together.

When it comes to Love– wow, so much I want to say about this and will definitely write more about this in the near future. Just a four letter word but the true meaning of this can’t be summed up easily. For me and 2018, I’m nurturing this one with all my heart! As I’ve aged I realized that this is it, at least for me! Feeling the love, showing the love… I’ve been so blessed with a family I love so much, both my nuclear and extended family. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Mother Theresa, “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones — the ones at home.” My two children are “one foot out the door” sort of speak, as they are now young adults. They are everything to me therefore, I’m dedicated to continuing to love them by showing them, telling them and nurturing this new shift in the relationship that is now mother and young adult versus mother and young child.  And who can forget, as if my husband would ever let me, I still have a husband at home to love! I love him dearly. I consider “taking care of the closest ones” from Mother Theresa’s quote to mean more than those just at home as we become empty nesters. I’m fortunate to have both my parents still living. Though they are in Texas and I’m on the East Coast, I’m making them a priority this year. I did the same last year and want to continue to spend quality time with them. I’ve set aside time to make several visits home this coming year and my mother has become my routine travel buddy so I am blessed to see her quite a bit on the road. Adding to my extended family are my siblings. Sibling relationships can be complicated but I’m blessed with siblings that I love, adore, and enjoy spending time with. Nurturing these relationships comes easy to me- they are easy to love! I couldn’t finish writing about love and family without mentioning my cousins, nieces and nephew. Continuing to spend time with them and nurturing these relationships is something that also comes easy but takes time and effort since everyone has busy schedules. Last year, I started having dinner in the city once a month with my niece and cousin. Considering they are much younger than I am, they definitely find some young, hip and delicious spots to dine that I probably wouldn’t know exist. We are going to mix it up this year and add a few cooking classes to our outings. Washington is a vibrant city with a variety of entertainment options. I’m sure I’ll share more about this in future posts. Lastly, I’m intent on nurturing my friendships too. Oh, how I love my friends! This also is for another post and I can’t wait to share more about this with you. Having just said all of this, I think you can see that love to me is about relationships, that’s it and they so are important to me. This is what fills my soul.

Putting in some hard work and punches!

Hard work. I’ve always worked hard at least in my humble opinion. Having my first job at 14, putting myself through college, which wasn’t an easy task, and maintaining a job outside the home as I raised my family, these are all things I consider hard work. Admittingly, even though these things were hard, they brought lots of enjoyment and enrichment to my life. This year, I want to dig deep into those areas that might not initially bring enjoyment but are necessary and hard. The first on my list, commitment to a serious workout schedule. I’ve always exercised but not always as often or as consistent as I know I should. My physician told me at my age, I should be spending about one hour a day, 5-6 days a week doing rigorous exercise. So that’s it- I’m going to dig deep, even on days I have every excuse in the book not do so, I’m going to remember to “work hard” and get it done. I’m going to mix it up to keep it interesting and myself motivated. This morning I put in an exhausting workout at SolidCore. I’ve been going there for some time now and it really challenges me. I’ll definitely continue this routine a couple of days a week, hitting the gym one to two afternoons a week for strength training then power walking several mornings a week. I know without a doubt the benefits of exercise are invaluable and I need to make this non-negotiable for myself. Let’s see how I do. If you have any suggestions or advice for me about exercising, I’m all ears, just let me know.

Working hard for others is another challenge I was to take on this year. I volunteer now for 2 organizations in my community but this year, I want to get a little uncomfortable with it. I plan to step out of my comfort zone to work/volunteer in more vulnerable areas with those who really need it and are often overlooked because of the area they live in or their needs are too great. I feel strong about putting myself out there to really make a difference in places that most won’t. Truly doing something for others in great need.

I think my year is looking quite full and it’s only week one! So here it goes to Inspiration, Love , and Hard Work in 2018 as I continue to live with purpose, intent and a dash of adventure! Let me know what your intentions are for 2018. I’d love to hear about them and see how you are keeping them going throughout the year of 2018.

Snow, Bomb-Cyclone, Beginning of a New year.

So far, this year is off to a real cold one! The bomb-cyclone of January 2018 hit a bit east of DC leaving the metro-area with under 2” of snow, but with wicked winds, and frigid cold temperatures. The worst of the storm was on the Delmarva peninsula and upward to the Northeast US. I was so tempted to head out that way and stay at our vacation home on the Chesapeake Bay and watch this storm play out but obligations here in Arlington kept me put. If another storm heads our way, I’m bee-lining it to the Chesapeake Bay in hopes to listen to the snow thunder once again.

I admit I’m a bit of a weather junkie, loving all of it! I love the anticipation of a good storm and watching it play out on the other side of my windows. As soon as it is safe to venture out, I’m in it! It awakens me, feeling the rain fall, the splashing of the puddles on my boots, the wind on my face, the snow on my skin, all of it awakens my soul. It is one of those moments that gives me the feeling of “living” not just “existing.” I grabbed my camera in the early morning of the storm as it started to pass on by and went exploring the city.

Snow blowing furiously at National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington DC.
The Lincoln Memorial and the frozen snow covered Reflecting Pool.
Only a few brave souls out in the snow. Not the usual hustle and bustle of a DC Thursday morning.


On the cusp of 2018

I find myself with raw and emotional thoughts on this last day of December and year 2017. It’s bitterly cold outside with a dusting of snow on the ground.  My home is cozy and warm except in my office where I am currently writing.  A cup of hot and steamy Chamomile tea is at least keeping me warm inside, leaving just my toes feeling a bit cold. Oh, how I love warm tea on a cold day. It almost seems decadent to me and such a treat!

My mind is playing like an old movie reel, not totally sharp of all the memories of 2017 but they are there, and leaving me both crying and laughing at different times. The year of 2017 started out with mourning the loss of my father-in-law who passed away just a few hours shy of ringing in the New Year. My husband and I had been his caregivers during the last six months of his life while our home had also become his. The challenges, sacrifices, and blessings that came along with that immense obligation and duty is still somewhat raw and I’ve not processed the experience yet completely. Part of 2017 was spent recovering from the roller-coaster emotions of the later half of 2016. Now don’t get me wrong, even in the light of dealing with the emotions of loss, 2017 was an awesome year! Personally for myself and my family, life was amazing and full of blessings, accomplishments, and adventures.

So here I am today on the cusp of another New Year and I’m so grateful to be here, alive, blessed, hopeful, continuing life’s journey, anticipating with excitement new beginnings, loving, being loved, growing to be more and do more.  Welcome 2018! This is my year of inspiration, love, and running to hard work. What are your intentions and vision for 2018?  Whatever they are, I hope you accomplish all your hopes and dreams for 2018. Happy New Year!

Holiday lights are lit to enjoy!

I’ve been a little annoyed at the time change and earlier nightfall this month. How about you? I’m trying to remind myself it is short lived and there are some advantages to an early dark sky. With the holidays here, one advantage of the early night sky is  enjoying the brilliancy of holiday lights all around us starting around 5:30pm. Whether you are running around in the city browsing, shopping, heading  home or enjoying a festival of lights with family or friends, be sure to make the most of all this color and sparkle since it only happens once year. Now go explore and enjoy the spirit of the holidays!

Silhouettes in Holiday Lights.
Squirrels at play
Meadowlark Garden Winter Light Festival
Silhouettes in Christmas Lights

Good For The Mind And Soul

What’s your charitable passion?

A few of us from team Seize the Day

With the cold nipping at my nose, I tied bells on my laces in anticipation of my family and friends arriving for the Jingle Bell Run. The annual fun run rings in the holidays for me every year. With elf hats, bells, strings of lights, and a toasty holiday drink in hand, I was ready to help one of my favorite charity organizations, the Metro DC Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation today.

Living with family members affected by this disease keeps this organization at the top of my list. Funds raised in this race supports research for new medications to help those affected with arthritis. Just in the past decade, biologic medications are literally keeping thousands of people out of wheelchairs and living a relatively pain free life.

I encourage you to choose at least one charitable passion and jump in and help. Not only is volunteering good for your community but it adds fun and fulfillment to your life. This is an exceptional way to help you live with purpose and intent! Since many organizations raise funds through charity races and walks,who knows it might even motivate you to walk or run more adding physical health benefits too. My niece and friend both took medals today in their age categories. They couldn’t have been more surprised!

So proud of these two! Winning medals for their age categories.

Let me know what charitable organizations are close to your heart. The link below can help you explore different charities to volunteer for. Break out of your daily routine and get creative, motivated, and inspired to help others.


Up For Some Play?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”  – George Bernard Shaw

Dawn and her horse Ava playing Chase.

Not that long ago, many early mornings started out with a game of hide and seek and yes, right inside my house. My youngest son was all to quick, flying by me and saying “you have to count to 20 then come and find me, ok mom?” His laugh often gave him away as he would giggle whenever I got close yet passed him by. Hide and Seek, tag, Marco Polo in the pool, tic tac toe, and hangman were all some of our favorites. As my boys became older, billiards, corn hole and beer pong replaced the list of early days. Even now, games are a favorite of my boys but somehow between the time my kids were young to being an adult now, I quit having as much “play” in my day. But in the pastures of Texas this past week, I was inspired to find my playful side.


Lucky enough to spend a couple of days with my best friend and her zoo crew, quickly brought back my sense of play with surprise, anticipation and excitement. Even though Izzy, a cockatoo and my friends’s two dogs bounced around the house and on me, it was Ava, the mustang that made me realize, we all need to have some fun and play. Did you ever think you could play chase with a horse? Well, my friend and Ava (her horse) played chase and oh what fun they had. I had fun watching them! Spending the day running, laughing, and playing made me realize what I had lost along the way and that I needed to make time to play again.

Dawn, Izzy-cockatoo, Ava, Abby and Sam

So what can we do to have or keep play in our lives now? To start with, we can set the intent to play more. Set goals to have fun along with your goals of exercise, healthy eating, and getting ample amount of sleep. All goals don’t have to be serious ones, right? I like to incorporate fun with my exercise so maybe try a Zumba class or some type of dance. If you played soccer or softball as a child, look for an adult league. Bocce Ball, bowling, and cards with friends or family can also be fun time.

Routinely having play as a part of your life can only add to your feeling of well-being. So get creative, start a game night group or join a sport and go laugh and play!

A few Happy, Thanks, and Giving in my life…

To me, Thanksgiving is best described as Happy, Thanks and Giving

A few of the Happy, Thanks, and Giving in my life….

Spending time with my family both far and near, moments of laughter with my boys Hunter and Cason, hugs from my husband, friends, seasons changing, my sweet dog Bloo greeting me at my front door, my first cup of coffee in the morning, wine, cheese, chocolate, the Chesapeake Bay, kayaking, boating, hunting for sea glass on the beaches of the bay, country music, hydrangeas, tulips, the sound of rain on the roof, holidays, laughter, kindness.

For blessing me with my wonderful husband Robert and sons Hunter and Cason who I love so much, Loving, caring and supportive relationships with my parents, sibling, extended family and friends, being able to laugh when the going gets tough, hugs, memories, for my life…wherever it may lead me, freedom, good health, all the reasons to smile, miracles, God.

To my family, others, myself, to the Lord

I wish you much Happy, Thanks, and Giving this season!