Embracing Self-Care

Making Time for Self-Care

Having spent the past couple of decades raising my family and all that came with it, in addition to working and everything else I could fit in between, I’m now at a place where I can do more to care for myself. Self-care still feels like wearing new shoes, not quite broken in yet but it feels better everyday. I’ve lost count of the times that I actually had to motivate myself to do what’s best for me. It’s crazy but doing what’s best for others seems easier and less selfish than doing it for ourselves. But, our time is now and in order to continue to support family and friends, you have to be healthy and happy yourself. When spending a bit of time digesting on this, you will also see, that taking care of yourself in these middle of life years, has a direct impact on your later years in life.

Do you take the time for self-care? How do you motivate yourself to stay physically, mentally, and spiritually fit? Collectively, we all could do better to maintain healthy behaviors, promote wellness and help ensure we are happy and healthy.  We know this is essential. If you are like me, you have been preaching this to your family and friends for years. Now it’s your time to listen to your own advice. Now is the time, embrace it, don’t let these days, months or years escape not making sure you are living your best life now. The Huffington Post had a great piece on self care– enjoy the read and see what you can do now to care for your most important asset- you!

Yes, it’s me!

Everything about Autumn is in the air this morning. Upon rising, I was eager to tie up my running shoes and deeply inhale the cool crispy air of the Chesapeake Bay. What a blessing to be here on this fall morning in the beauty of nature. I’ve decided that today in addition to soaking in all that nature gives me, I will also spend time deliberately listening to God speak. Instead of allowing my mind to race and be full of insecurities and anxieties about creating this blog, I will breathe slowly, be mindful of my goals and intentions, and just quietly listen to the voice I hear and where my heart leads me.

So why would I endeavor into such an adventure to write, and share my thoughts, my inspiration and life with others? And why now? You would have to fully understand my path, my story up to these years I’m living in now. I find myself at times reflecting on the past decade of my life which has shaped me to be incredibly grateful for the now, the health of my family and the blessings and gifts of everyday.

There’s a strong desire inside me to make every day count, to be more, to give more, and to live more. So here I am blogging about living in the middle of my story and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next. I’m determined to live abundantly with intent, purpose, and a dash of adventure!

I hope you will join me and share your thoughts and story during these incredible years and the way you are making them some of the best days of your life.

Live your best life now.

About me


I’m Mary-Anne, and this is my blog, sharing how I am seriously attempting to live my life with intention. I’m a wife and mother of two young adult boys, living in the Metro Washington, DC area. Professionally, I’m a nurse and passionate about making sure all children in school with disabilities or chronic illnesses have the accommodations they need to thrive, despite their challenges.  When I’m not at work,  I love exploring the world both near and far, photographing and writing about life and things that inspire me. My best days are those spent with family, friends, and creating moments in the day that make both myself and others smile. Living in these middle years known as midlife, fuels my desire to live life to the fullest, making sure each day is with purpose, intent and a dash of adventure!