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Founder, Mary-Anne Liles

Welcome to American Midsters. I hope you’ll find American Midsters as a place of community, collaboration, inspiration and support during this wonderful stage of life we call Midlife.

I first thought of the idea, having a place for women in midlife to collaborate and inspire each other in 2017. It was shortly after that I started my own blog, American Midsters, posting when I had time, which was after work, in between the lovely chaos of parenting, and spending time with my family and friends. Then came Covid-19 and as a career registered nurse in public health, I was pulled to the emergency covid response team.

Currently, I’m on a sabbatical from my nursing career. So the time is here for me to launch something more than a blog. I can’t wait to see where it takes me! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it recently took a gentle nudge from a friend wanting me to launch something with my idea. So here I am creating this space for midlife women to collaborate and share their experiences. I’m not sure where this passion project will go but I hope it will be adventurous for both you and me. For now, some wonderful friends and I are jumping in and hosting the Midlife Midsters Podcast.

Please tune into the Midlife Midsters Podcast and hear how we are making the most of our midlife years. We are learning to embrace these years without fear, trepidation or regret. Instead, we are rolling ahead empowered by our life experiences, wisdom gained, appreciating and collaborating with each other to continue living our best years yet!

Listen to our podcast to hear more about how to make the most out of midlife, and how to make it your best life!