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 How can you cultivate meaning in your life?

Lately I’ve been craving more from myself. This didn’t happen overnight but has been a constant tug and at times even a pull. Honestly, sometimes I think my subconscious is more menacing than helpful, but in this case, I appreciated what it was telling me.

Living in these middle years of life has given me a lot to think about especially since I’m almost an empty nester. I ask myself “what now?” And then I quickly remind myself, even though my kids are in college, I still have my wonderful and quite entertaining husband and career. Then why am I now craving more from myself? Could it be I need more purpose now that the kids aren’t home?

Having a career, friends and a hobby or two, definitely eased the transition. If you are approaching empty nest years be sure to keep your friendships with other parents, learn a new skill (I am learning photography) or find a fun hobby.

The years in the middle of our story, can be some of the best years and as meaningful as ever. We just have to start living these moments,  days and years the best way we can. I’ve recently been craving to be more, do more and live more. I’ll not only be writing about it here but I may even be shouting it.

So how can we all continue to live a meaningful and complete life in all stages of our lives? There’s a lot of different theories and ideas about how we can accomplish this. I believe if we take care of ourselves physically and mentally and find our sense of purpose, we are well on our way but there’s more to do.  Cultivate meaning in your life, learn about the 4 pillars that are essential to living your best life now. I encourage you to listen to the TED talk “There’s more to life than being happy” by Emily Esfahani Smith.

Join me in enriching these years, making them meaningful, adventurous, and with purpose. Let me know what you are doing to make these your best yet.