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So here it is, my January and February reading. I admit, I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to reading for enjoyment but that’s about to change!  I headed online to a favorite of mine here in DC, Politics and Prose. I spent quite a bit of time contemplating about what books I wanted to curl up to and get lost in. What books would leave me on the edge of my seat, fill my soul with inspiration, or help me get closer to perfecting a skill or interest I have. So here they are! I picked “The Second Girl.” for two reasons, one- because I love a good crime mystery and two- because it takes place in Washington, DC. There’s nothing like turning the pages in a book and knowing the exact street or location unfolding in the story. I think we all should explore books that unfold right in our own backyard and city. This will be the first book I get started on other than  “Having a Mary heart in a Martha World ” which I’m currently reading two chapters a week now for my Thursday Girls faith group. Talk about stepping back for a moment and having some insight, this study is helping me do just that. What’s on your reading list this year? Any good reads that  you recommend I add to my list for the year?