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I find myself with raw and emotional thoughts on this last day of December and year 2017. It’s bitterly cold outside with a dusting of snow on the ground.  My home is cozy and warm except in my office where I am currently writing.  A cup of hot and steamy Chamomile tea is at least keeping me warm inside, leaving just my toes feeling a bit cold. Oh, how I love warm tea on a cold day. It almost seems decadent to me and such a treat!

My mind is playing like an old movie reel, not totally sharp of all the memories of 2017 but they are there, and leaving me both crying and laughing at different times. The year of 2017 started out with mourning the loss of my father-in-law who passed away just a few hours shy of ringing in the New Year. My husband and I had been his caregivers during the last six months of his life while our home had also become his. The challenges, sacrifices, and blessings that came along with that immense obligation and duty is still somewhat raw and I’ve not processed the experience yet completely. Part of 2017 was spent recovering from the roller-coaster emotions of the later half of 2016. Now don’t get me wrong, even in the light of dealing with the emotions of loss, 2017 was an awesome year! Personally for myself and my family, life was amazing and full of blessings, accomplishments, and adventures.

So here I am today on the cusp of another New Year and I’m so grateful to be here, alive, blessed, hopeful, continuing life’s journey, anticipating with excitement new beginnings, loving, being loved, growing to be more and do more.  Welcome 2018! This is my year of inspiration, love, and running to hard work. What are your intentions and vision for 2018?  Whatever they are, I hope you accomplish all your hopes and dreams for 2018. Happy New Year!