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So many emotions as I settle back into life after a week on the Penobscot Bay. The Windjammer Angelique in all her beauty housed 24 women who came together for sailing and all else that time with friends brings. I still can’t put my finger on the exact aftermath of feelings that spending quality time for days with friends and crew does to one’s soul. It’s a mix of emotions that comes with sailing having no destination, the sea spray, the sensation of the wind on the apples of my cheeks while my hair runs wild, and space that being on the open water frees up letting my mind just be. These feelings harmoniously housed with the withdrawal of daily bonding, sharing of our lives over fresh morning coffee, sunset dancing and late conversing under the stars in the moonlight, makes for meaningful reflection.

As I think back to my first day and my morning run in Camden, I remember I ran the path through the park at the harbour. There it was, the Angelique, docked at the bottom of a small hill, just waiting for the chance to raise its sails again. I could see the crew already buzzing around, loading provisions, wiping down the decks, and shining brass. It would be several hours before boarding and I still had a full day of airport runs and a stop at my favorite lobster shack, McLoons in South Thomaston.

As the early evening approached, we all gathered on the boat for a dockside dinner while mingling with each other, the captain and crew. Before I knew it, the sun was rising and the smell of coffee woke up my senses and my anticipation of setting sail. We all were about to embark on something very special.

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