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Embracing life and finding what brings you joy might just lead you to more adventure, friendships, and learning more than you ever set out to find. Choose a time where you can just sit and brain-storm about what makes you happy and what hobbies or experiences can lead you to living a full life, one with purpose, intent, and a dash of adventure. Then go for it!

Tonging for Oysters at sunrise on the bay. Enjoying new experiences with my camera in hand.

Several boats were gathering at Kent Narrows working in pairs tonging, sorting, measuring size of oysters, and crating them to be sold to a shucking house.

Checking for size and viability of the oyster.

Keeping the oysters that are over 3″ from hinge to bill is the legal size for harvest.

Chesapeake Deadrise Boats at Kent Narrows getting settled to start tonging for Oysters.

I have a greater understanding now for the men and women working on the water – fishing, crabbing, and oystering. In addition to being hard work, seasonal work, and in often harsh climates (this morning temperatures were well below freezing) it’s also passionate work. The enjoyment of  seafood is now a much different experience for me- it’s one much more appreciated.

The Chesapeake Bay Deadrise Boat is the typical work-horse boat of the bay.

The stillness of the bay lends itself to some beautiful photography water reflections this morning.

Ripples in the water create interesting reflection images.

A reminder to buy local seafood whenever you can. Choosing to add sustainable, healthy protein to your plate supports local fisherman.
To learn more about tonging for oysters: