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The excitement of visiting Charleston, SC  and escaping the colder temperatures and rainy forecast was just what I needed to keep me hopeful that spring is almost here. Taking a spontaneous and last minute planned trip was just what I imagined empty-nesting to be about. I packed an overnight bag and traveled with my hubby to this magical city at a moments notice. I can so get use to this type of living and adventure!

I took  this image from the streets of Charleston but don’t think for a minute that I didn’t have my husband touring this way the very next day!

The colorful and historic homes are candy to my eyes. The shadows of the trees add a little extra on this early morning stroll.

The historic homes were painted in mostly pastels on this particular street. Each one distinctive and full of character.

Window-boxes decorated the facades adding even more color, charm, and character to the streets.

This window box is full of happiness and brings a smile to my face.

A friend recommended the crepes at “Queen Street Grocery.” The brie, ham and raspberry crepe was worth the trip alone! If you are visiting Charleston, don’t miss this spot for a cup of coffee, snack or meal.

I plan to return and visit more of the Churches of Charleston. This church was one of my favorites.

The coast was especially beautiful in the early morning just after sunrise.