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What a busy year I had in 2018, so much that I haven’t even journaled about my adventures and travel. The Autumn and Holiday Season flew by but here are a few adventures from one of the best years yet.

My oldest son is studying in Scotland for a year so my cousin and I decided to visit in the autumn. Scenery from the train to Stirling.

My oldest son on the hill in Edinburgh.

The view of Stirling from the castle. If you travel to Scotland be sure to put Stirling on your list of must visits.
No one does gardens like the English and Scottish!
River reflections in Edinburgh.
The Christmas Markets had just started opening in the UK. We visited Edinburgh’s markets on the opening weekend. Lots of goodies to take home to the USA.
Night view of Edinburgh and the Christmas Market.

I’m planning on visiting Scotland in April and spending time in the Highlands specifically to work on photography. I’ve never spent time in the Highlands. My mother was born and raised in the lowlands (Dundee) therefore that is usually my destination when visiting family. I can’t wait to share my explorations with you soon. If any of you have suggestions for me about the Highlands, please email me and let me know your suggestions and thoughts.